SCT Device Updater

SCT downloading and installing the Device Updater Software.

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      How to load Emailed Custom Tunes to your X4 Device: 1. Before connecting your X4 to your PC, go to and click on the Tech Support tab on the top of the page.  Select the image of your device, then download and completely install the ...
    • Chips Versus Programmers

      If you are looking for tuning for your 7.3, we have a couple main options  to consider. We have a product called the Infinity which is a Programmer and we have two chips called F5 and F6. Let’s look at the differences.  In general, programmers ...
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      F6 99-03 F-Series & Excursion Chip Installation
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    • Warranty

      Warranty Our DP-Tuner branded products carry a lifetime manufactures defect warranty. Chip and Programmer cables carry a 30 day Warranty.  For all SCT units we honor SCT's product warranty guidelines.  The INFINITY has a 12 month ...