Local Live Tuning

Local Live Tuning

Q: What do I need to do?
A: Call to schedule you live tuning date.

Q: When can I do this?
A: I prefer to do this on Fridays.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The cost for live tuning starting January 2017 will be $550 per vehicle.

Q: What will this price get me?
A: Not all trucks will require extensive live tuning. Some truck that are modified more than others may take longer. You will receive 3-4 hours of Jody's undivided attention to your truck and your tuning needs. All things you want to change he can do while you are driving. He can make changes instantly and then save that information to be burned on your chip. All tunes are included whether you have him work on 1 or 16.

Q: I don’t currently have a DP-Tuner tuner. Do I need to get one prior to live tuning?
A: You can purchase a tuner at any time. You can always try Jody's standard tunes and then decide later what you would really want done. If you wait to get one at the live tuning event, you will only be charged for the price of the hardware.

Thank you for you interest in having a live tuning event with Jody.

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