Chips Versus Programmers

Chips Versus Programmers

If you are looking for tuning for your 7.3, we have a couple main options  to consider. We have a product called the Infinity which is a Programmer and we have two chips called F5 and F6. Let’s look at the differences.

 In general, programmers connect to the OBDII port and transfer data and receive data through the OBDII port. A chip will install onto the pcm board through the J3 port and have a cable that comes out to a switch that controls which position or tune you are running.

CHIPS- Chips can hold up to 16 programs or tunes. You can select the position you would like each tune in and the switch will display that position. You can change between tunes “on the fly” or while you are driving, whereas with a programmer you cannot switch on the fly. You have to stop and upload a tune when you want to change and this will take around 4 minutes while a chip is instantly.

Also a chip can only be used on the vehicle pcm code it was set up for.

We have 2 different chip options

F5 and F6 both hold 16 tunes total

F5 and F6 both have an LED push button switch (On our LED switches we offer many color options and 2 style options. Here is a link to the switch product page )

F5 and F6 both take our programs only

F6 you can have tunes emailed to you and you can update them, change them without removing the chip. You can also trial tunes via email for 10 key cycles prior to buying them

F5 you have to remove the chip and ship it back to us if you want to add programs or modify them.

F5 and EX switch LED = $244.95,  F6 and EX switch LED = $444.95

After the above costs, you purchase each tune individually and prices of each tune are on our website. Most tunes are $50 per tune for stock injectors and such and $80 per tune for trucks with aftermarket injectors or parts requiring specialty tuning.

Most people will spend between $350 to $550 for a chip and tunes with a F5 and around $550 to $750 on the F6 with a few tunes. This will vary by how many tunes you select.   99-03 F series and Excursion chip install  94-97 F series chip install  F5 videos  F6 videos


INFINITY- The Infinity is our programmer that connects to the OBDII port. This device has many features. It is really several products in one small package. Some features are:

Easy to read 4.3" color touch screen


User configurable gauge options

User configurable high and low visual and audio alarms

High speed data logging

Scan tool

Media player for music and video

Each unit comes pre-configured with the most common gauges, alarms and parameters needed for 7.3L.

The Infinity gives you the ability to tune your vehicle and the memory card will hold as many tunes as we offer. Tuning files can be emailed to you and uploaded to the memory card from your computer. The only downside compared to a chip in this respect is that you cannot switch on the fly or change between tunes while driving. The Infinity can also be used with multiple vehicles for tuning by purchasing an additional VIN license.

The Infinity also gives you a set of gauges. User configurable gauge options make it easy to monitor the parameters you need to see. There are many gauges already set up when you receive the device. You also have the option of purchasing an EGT thermocouple and connecting to the Infinity to monitor your exhaust gas temperatures through the Infinity. This is like having a complete set of gauges.

The Infinity allows you to do high speed data logging that has not been available in the past without taking to a shop that has a sophisticated scan tool or having to buy software dedicated to data logging and then having to have a laptop in the truck. Now this can be done with this small device mounted neatly in your vehicle. Do injector buzz tests or record certain parameters for troubleshooting purposes and email those logs to us to review with you. You can also take this device from one vehicle and use it in another vehicle to scan and data log.

There are too many options to list here on what can be monitored. Here is a link to see the PIDS you can monitor with the Infinity.

One will normally spend around $800 to $1100 on the Infinity if you buy the EGT option, VIN license and several tunes. This is a value if you consider the alternative:

$350 to $750 for a chip and tunes depending on F5 or F6

$350 to $500 for a separate set of gauges plus the installation time and or labor

$350 to $400 for scanning and logging software plus the cost of laptop if you do not own one


As you can see you can spend from $1200 to $2000 to get what you need to do what the Infinity will do in one single package.

We also have the Infinity PL which is preloaded with 10 standard tunes for manual trans trucks and 12 standard tunes for auto trans trucks.


Here is a link to the Infinity DX


Here are some great videos on the Infinity and what it can do.

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